DigiM used multi-scale imaging and computational fluid dynamics  (CFD) on Horn River shale rock in British Columbia, Canada.

DigiM, jointly with Exxonmobile, presented a paper at the International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts held in Austin, Texas, USA, September 18th - 21st, 2011. The study, titled Porosity and Permeability Analysis on Nanoscale FIB-SEM 3D Imaging of Shale Rock, describes how FIB-SEM (Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscopy) 3D imaging at 5nm pixel resolution was used to study porosity, connectivity, and to model permeability of a mudstone core sample extracted from a production well in North America. With 3D reconstruction, extraordinary detail of the pore space in both the mineral and organic matter phases can be visualized and analyzed. Advanced image analysis algorithms were used to extract volumes of the different phases and to compare these with the physical laboratory experiments of porosity and permeability. The simulation results can be compared with physical laboratory experiments and the workflow proposed by this study is potentially applicable to a wide range of core sample and more general porous material analysis.

For more information regarding our work on Shale Rock, or to request a copy of our study, please refer to the publication section below.


Horn River 4

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