DigiM’s work on Duvernay shale in Alberta, Canada introduced capillary condensation (CC) as an important component for a gas-in-place (GIP) estimate, experimentally validated the existence of CC in organic rich shale rock samples and numerically predicted new GIP storage capability with CC in Duvernay shale.

For more information regarding our work on Duvernay shale, please refer to the publication section below where you will find both of our studies.


  • Petrographic Features of Kerogen in Unconventional Shales and Their Effect on Hydrocarbon Petrophysics. Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 11–14 November 2012. SPE162612. With (Request a Copy)
  • Capillary Condensation and NMR Relaxation Time in Unconventional Shale Hydrocarbon Resources SPWLA 53rd Annual Logging Symposium, June 16-20, 2012. With (Request a Copy)