Controlled Release Systems impact the health and well being of tens of millions of people every year. And yet, it is a relatively new field built both on solid fundamentals of chemistry and mass transport, as well as new discoveries in materials science and biology. It is also an interdisciplinary field and involves the convergence of a broad range of engineering, scientific, and medical disciplines.

Robert Langer, Sc. D.

Controlled release multi-particulates are solid oral dosage forms consisting of a multiplicity of small discrete units which can be tailored for pulsatile, extended, delayed and targeted drug release.



-Representative drug sample strategy


-Advanced quantification
-Drug micro-structure/
controlled release design evaluation


-Release performance prediction
-Release mechanism determination
-Release design optimization

Using our three-step workflow, imaging, analysis and simulation, we were able to investigate the impact of solvent choice on the microstructural properties of controlled release films using FIB-SEM. The technique enabled the visualisation of a significant difference in the microstructural investigation of pore volume of controlled release films manufactured with an identical formulation but using different solvent systems.