Differing from controlled release pellet membrane, an extended release monolithic implant or depot drug essentially relies on the percolation of active pharmaceutical ingredient, and the pores created when it comes in contact with body fluid, to control the process of extended release.

All extended release formulations are challenging to characterize. Micro-imaging and image-based analytics are an extremely valuable technique to the characterization of complex delivery systems. The imaging data itself can directly visualize internal microstructures at non-precedent resolution. Moreover, combining these images with advanced analytical technique and numerical simulation provides new tools for drug delivery system characterization, design and manufacturing. 
The prediction of drug release could provide guidance for controlled release formulation design and development and consequently reduce development and manufacturing cost.


To learn more about our work on Micro-imaging characterization and release prediction of controlled release microspheres, you can view our poster presented at the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting and Exposition here.