You can view DigiM's work at these events


  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) PharmSci 360 – Virtual Meeting – October 26-November 5
  • DigiM presented the following talks and posters with our collaborators:
    1. Rapid Fire Talk: Artificial-Intelligence Image Analysis of API and Microporosity in Drug Products. Request link.
    2. Accelerated Formulation Characterization and Development with AI Image Analysis and Image-Based Release Modeling for PLGA Implant. With Genentech. Abstract here.
    3. Drug Particle Characterization Inside Long-Acting Intrauterine Systems with 3D Imaging Analytics. With the FDA and UCONN. Abstract here.
    4. Formulation Optimization of PLGA Microspheres Prepared Using a Coacervation Method. With the FDA and UCONN. Abstract here.
    5. Particle Analysis within Drug Products: Novel Methods in Quantification using 3D Microscopy. Abstract here.
    Reach out to us to access any of the above content!

  • American Institution of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting – Virtual Meeting – November 16-20
  • DigiM presented three talks at 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting:
    1. Sponsored Talk Workshop: Microstructure Characterization for Drug Development: Novel AI Analytics and Release Prediction on November 17th, 12-1 PM EST. Abstract here.
    2. Linking Process & Performance of Drug Products with Micro-Image Analytics on November 19th, 11-12 PM EST. Abstract here.
    3. Computer Aided Drug Formulation Design with Image-Based Microstructure Modeling on November 20th, 11-12 PM EST. Abstract here.
    Please reach out to us for access to any of the above content.

  • Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) – Boston, MA – January 2021

  • Natural Resources

  • The Society of Core Analysts (SCA) – Austin, TX – September 21-24. For more information, click here.