Happy new year from the DigiM team!

We had a great year for groundbreaking work in image-based rock physics. Working with our collaborators, we applied our software platform I2S to take on some of the biggest challenges in the simulation of petrophysical properties of conventional and unconventional reservoir rocks. See below for a recap of our collaborations and work in 2019 and onward.

Custom Solutions & Development Areas

Continuing on our work in 2019, we are developing solutions for the following challenge areas. Reach out for more information.

  • EOR Mechanisms in Very Low Permeability Rocks
    • Role of diffusion, fluid properties on multiphase flow
  • Simulating Percolation Pathways from 2D Images
    • Take advantage of high-resolution SEM images
  • Upscaling Image-Based Results to Core and Wireline Logs
    • Investigating new approaches to upscaling
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Image Processing and Simulations
    • Continuation of studies on importance of robust segmentation and simulation parameter selection


Machine Learning Analysis of Porous Materials

DigiM has a new white paper on our approach of using machine learning to segment and quantify complex mineralogy and porosity. The paper, titled “Machine-Learning Methods in Image Processing and Analysis of Porous Materials,” is available for request.

Collaborative Paper on Property Upscaling

Working with our collaborator Alan Byrnes from Whiting Petroleum Corporation, we published a new paper titled “Properties Upscaling in Porosity Systems with Under-resolved Features Using Image-Based Rock Physics.” Submit a request for the paper.

Uncertainty Quantification in Image Segmentation

DigiM’s paper on the “Uncertainty Quantification in Image Segmentation for Image-Based Rock Physics in a Shaly Sandstone,” from the 2018 SCA Meeting, was published in Petrophysics in their “Best of SCA” volume. The paper highlights the identification of uncertainty quantification requirements in image processing, as well as a framework to assess differences between simulated and measured properties. You can read the abstract or request the paper.

Invited Talks

SPWLA PDDA 2019 Meeting

DigiM was invited to speak at the SPWLA Special Interest Group (SIG) annual meeting on Petrophysical Data Driven Analytics. DigiM’s James Howard presented a talk titled "Machine-Learning Methods: Analysis of Rock Images and Beyond."

URTeC 2019

DigiM attended and exhibited at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference in Denver, Colorado. At URTeC, Alan Byrnes of Whiting Petroleum presented a collaborative paper with DigiM titled, "Properties Upscaling in Porosity Systems with Under-resolved Features Using Image-Based Rock Physics." Read the abstract or request presentation.

2020 Conferences Overview

We look forward to meeting you at these conferences in 2020:

  • AAPG – Houston, TX – June 7-10
  • URTeC – Austin, TX– July 20-22
  • SCA – Austin, TX – September 21-24