Tablet Coating and Micro-Fracture Quality Control

In this joint project with MIT and Novartis, it was hypothesized that the understanding of a tablet microstructure is pivotal in bridging our knowledge about the materials, the manufacturing process, and the tablet properties. A series of MicroCT characterization methods were developed to untangle material interactions during tablet manufacturing process leading to an interpretation of tablet compaction mechanisms through 3-D representation of microstructural features.  Numerical simulation of liquid intrusion based on the MicroCT data was utilized in calculating tablet microstructure permeability introducing a novel parameter for characterization of tablet dissolution properties. 

This work provides a strategy for building an integrated formulation design and characterization system incorporating microstructural analysis. It enables an approach in which microstructure becomes a critical target for design and optimization.

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Digital Tablet | 4 Micron Resolution

Coating Thickness Distribution (center) and Microporosity Distribution (right)