If you have samples

DigiM uses best-in-class MicroCT and FIB-SEM systems to conduct imaging experiments and complete image analyses. Costs depend on resolution and imaging requirements. Check out these example samples and service pages for detailed information.

  • FIB-SEM Imaging Platform
  • MicroCT Imaging Platform
  • If you have images

    DigiM conducts image analysis to extract quantitative information and compute physical properties using direct numerical simulation. Costs vary depending on the number of images and the complexity of the properties to be computed. See these applications and service pages for detailed information.

  • Image Analytics
  • Image-Based Simulation
  • If you have a problem or an idea

    DigiM designs the complete microstructure analysis workflow including sample selection, correlative imaging, and image-based analytics and simulation. Costs depend on the number of samples and the complexity of the question. Relevant solutions include:

    Reservoir performance prediction
    Drug release optimization
    Fuel cell performance improvement

    If you have an imaging lab

    DigiM offers expertise to improve sampling and imaging practices, takes care of overflow imaging, and provides enterprise software to manage the complete life span of your images. Relevant products and services include:

  • Enterprise Solution
  • Automation
    Cloud computing

    If you want to build an imaging lab

    DigiM offers expertise on hardware acquisition, staff training, and enterprise image management software and hardware solutions, all to be installed in-house. While this is the most resource demanding approach due to the high cost of 3D micro-imaging devices, it has the most potential. We strongly advise clients to have a complimentary, obligation-free discussion with us to fully understand all the aspects of building and operating a 3D imaging lab. Also check out relevant products and services that we provide:

  • Enterprise Solution
  • Equipment selection
    Multi-scale, correlative imaging workflow design
    Staff training
    Workflow automation
    Intelligent image processing software
    Data and project management
    Computing and storage

    Contact us to request a copy of DigiM White Paper: Typical cost of installing and operating an imaging laboratory with FIB-SEM Imaging Platform or MicroCT Imaging Platform.