Place your imaging needs in the right hands

At DigiM, we take a broader approach to imaging than typical service companies. We are concerned with the complete life span of samples and images.

Selection, Preparation, and Imaging

Sample representativeness is strongly dependent on specific applications. Due to increasing microstructure heterogeneity in modern science, it is almost impossible to claim that one sampling strategy can fit all. To ensure a successful strategy in obtaining valuable images, DigiM's approach has two important elements:

  • Quantification: The quantitative information that will be extracted from the images dictates sample selection
  • Collaboration: DigiM's decades of microstructure imaging experience is combined with the client's expertise on the material

Artifact Management

Regardless of successful an imaging experiment is, there are always artifacts.
DigiM manages imaging artifacts in three ways:

  1. Artifacts are mitigated during imaging experiments, such as charging, re-deposition, and sample stability.
  2. A suite of software algorithms has been developed to correct artifacts, such as curtaining, stage drifting, and intensity variation.
  3. Fundamental understandings of these artifacts are leveraged to design new experiments and study dynamic responses of such samples under electron and ion beam excitations.

Examples of DigiM’s artifact corrections are shown below.