DigiM works on many complex micro-scale, multi-physics problems, some of which are listed on the side bar and below. 

    Percolation Measurement
  • Tortuosity (min, max, distribution)

  • Fluid Properties
  • Absolute permeability
  • Molecular diffusivity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity

  • Two Phase Fluid Properties
  • Relative permeability
  • Capillary pressure
  • Pore throat distribution
  • Capillary condensation

  • Solid Properties
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Elastic modulus
    Multiphysics with Chemical Reaction
  • Wettability
  • Gas combustion
  • Solid combustion
  • Droplet evaporation

  • Property Anisotropy Analysis
  • Any listed properties along all three Cartesian directions, or any customer specified direction

  • Heterogeneity and REV Analysis
  • Any listed properties correlated with spatial heterogeneity