The final value we can derived from our images is dictated by how convenient the user can access them, and how efficient the user can analyze them. DigiM is the proud developer of DigiM I2S (Image to Simulation) Enterprise Image Management System. DigiM I2S helps our clients and ourselves to manage, analyze and simulate a massive quantity of imaging data using innovative software algorithms and hardware design.

DigiM I2S revolutionizes image processing and numerical modeling via cloud computing. Using a simple and intuitive web interface, our clients can perform project management, image processing, visualization, and numerical computation on DigiM-deigned cloud system from anywhere, at anytime, by anybody.

Through an integration with modern database technologies, DigiM I2S allows users to manage large amount of quantitative imaging results with ease and flexibility. Users can monitor the computation results and visualization in real time. After each computation session is completed, the user will be automatically notified via email, which contains links that let the user download the result files or view them interactively online with a single click.

DigiM I2S’s HPC system is flexible, scalable, and designed specifically for the full life-span of imaging datasets at various scales. It currently has the following configurations:

  • Dynamically expandable RAID storage server with high efficiency helium disks (300TB as of 7/1/2016).
  • Intel Xeon CPU (140 cores and 676GB of CPU RAM as of 11/1/2016).
  • Nvidia GPU (6240 cores and 44GB GPU RAM as of 11/1/2016).
  • Solar power (32 polycrystalline solar panels with microinverter technology as of 7/4/2015).
DigiM I2S is available to clients in the following formats,

  • Software-as-a-service on a pay-per-use basis, with flexible cost arrangement depending on the amount of data, the frequency and duration of access, and the amount of processing and computation.
  • Yearly subscription.
  • Enterprise system solution for large imaging facility where both technology and data are required to be hosted internally.
  • Research collaboration.

Contact us to discuss your need. As far as we share the passion about images, we will work out a solution that is most suitable for you and mutually beneficial.