DigiM is a trusted partner in our client’s electron microscope imaging needs including FIB-SEM, Mosaic Field of View SEM (MAPS or Atlas), and Transmission Electron Microscopes. Through fee-for-service, software, and consultancy, DigiM helps our clients to truly UNDERSTAND the images.

What is FIB-SEM?

Comparing to conventional scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging, FIB-SEM 3D imaging experiment adds a “cutting” tool in the form of a focused ion beam (FIB). Due to its heavy ionic mass, Gallium FIB removes a small amount of material, exposing the surface underneath. Repetitive FIB milling followed by SEM imaging produces a stack of images which can be reconstructed into a 3D volume. The combination of FIB with SEM serves as a powerful tool to analyze and quantify internal microstructures.

FIB can remove a layer of material as thin as 3nm, allowing for an artifact-free cross sectioned surface to be prepared for SEM imaging. 

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Artifact Management

A few examples of DigiM’s artifact corrections are shown below.