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    Solutions for Drug Development

    Microstructures are at the core of modern drug and delivery systems. At DigiM, we apply high-resolution 3D imaging, AI analytics, and predicitve release simulation to accelerate formulation design, drug development, process optimization, and regulartory science.

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    Materials Science

    Solutions for Materials Manufacturing and Design

    From batteries to rubber, from filters to potato chips, microstructures dominate how everyday materials work. At DigiM we work with material scientists hand in hand to improve industrial and consumer material development through non-destructive imaging and AI techniques.

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    Natural Resources

    Solutions for
    Petrophysical Analysis

    Rock samples are difficult to characterize due to uncertainties in subsurface conditions and complex fluid, mineral, and organic matter interactions. At DigiM, we aid petrophysical assessment on reservoir quality and transport potential through systematic and validated digital rock physics software tools.

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Fee for Service in Imaging, Analysis, and Modeling
AI Cloud Software for Image Management, Analysis and Simulation

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Press Release and News

  • Most recently in AAPS-NERDG 2021 Annual Meeting, DigiM gave a rapid fire presentation titled: “Digital drug formulation and design: critical insights from microstructure imaging”. Click here to learn more.  
  • In collaboration with FDA, DigiM participated in several presentations at IFPAC 2021 Annual Meeting to evaluate container closure system effects on lyophilized products. Click here to learn more. 
  • In the AIChE 2021 Annual Meeting, DigiM talked about how digital images, when quantified and analyzed with AI machine learning algorithms, can help understand the process, performance, and formulation design of drugs. Learn more here. 
  • DigiM gave several talks and posters covering our AI image analytics and simulation to quantify and characterize drug products of all kinds at the AAPS PharmSci 360 event. Learn more about our work here. 
  • At the CRS 2020 Annual meeting, DigiM presented our latest drug release simulations for PLGA microspheres, long-acting implants and more. Click here to learn more. 
  • DigiM Awarded FDA Contract to Study Microstructure Bioequivalence of Polymer-based Long-acting Drugs (in collaboration with Dr. Diane Burgess’ Laboratory at UConn). Read the press release. Medical News press release available here.
  • DigiM’s Quantitative Image Characterization Featured in FDA Workshop. Read the press release and watch the presentation. AZO Materials press release available here.

Upcoming Events


  • Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting (CRS) 2021
    Virtual – July 25th to July 29th
  • Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) 2021 Meeting
    Virtual – August 1st to August 5th
    Talk at August 2nd 2:30-3:30 pm: Cloud-based image management solutions for digital transformation of drug product development
    Talk at August 5th 12:45-1:45 pm: Terahertz Imaging to Map the Microporosity Distribution in Carbonate Rocks
  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2021 PharmSci 360
    Philadelphia, PA – October 17th to October 20th 
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) 2021 Annual Meeting 
    Boston, MA – November 7th to November 11th

Natural Resources

  • Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) Annual Symposium 2021
    Virtual/Boston, MA – May 15th to May 19th
  • Society of Core Analysts (SCA) Annual Symposium 2021
    Virtual – September 13th to September 16th

Recent Presentations and Publications

  • K. Nagapudi, A. Zhu, D. Chang, J. Lomeo, K. Rajagopal, R. Hannoush, S. Zhang. Microstructure, quality, and release performance characterization of long-acting polymer implant formulations with X-ray microscopy and quantitative AI analytics, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. (2021). DOI. With Genentech.
  • Xi, H., Zhu, A., Klinzing, G.R., Zhou, L., Zhang, S., Gmitter, A.J., Ploeger, K., Sundararajan, P., Mahjour, M., Xi, W. (2020). Characterization of Spray Dried Particles Through Microstructural Imaging. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.August 2020. With MerckMore details here.
  • Wu, D., Zhou, L., Zhang, S. (2020). Characterization of Controlled Release Microspheres Using FIB-SEM and Image-Based Release Prediction. AAPS PharmSciTech. July 2020. With Bausch Health
  • Zhang, S., Nagapudi, K. (2020). Micro-imaging Based Characterization and Release Prediction of a Long-Acting PLGA Implant. Poster presented at the Long-Acting Injectables and Implantables meeting in La Jolla, CA. With Genentech
  • Zhang, S., Goldman, J., Chen, X., Rowe, J., Lin, S., Zhou, L. (2020). Non-Invasive, Quantitative Characterization of Lyophilized Drug Product Using Three-Dimensional X-Ray Microscopy Analytics. Drug Development & Delivery.
  • Howard, J. (2019). Machine-Learning Methods in Image Processing and Analysis of Porous Materials. DigiM whitepaper. 
  • Zhou, L., Stroud, P., Zhu, A., Hinds, J., Blakely, K., Zhang, S. (2019). Characterization of Spray-Dried Aggregates for Tablet Formulation with Microstructure 3D Imaging Analytics. Poster presented at 2019 AAPS PharmSci 360 in San Antonio, Texas. With Eli Lilly
  • Zhu, L., Yin, D., Qin, Y., Konda, S., Zhang, S., Zhu, A., . . . Lin, H. (2019). Sorption‐Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes with Facilitated Hydrogen Transport for Hydrogen Purification and CO2 Capture. Advanced Functional Materials. 
  • Howard, J., Lin, S., & Zhang, S. (2019). Uncertainty Quantification in Image Segmentation for Image-Based Rock Physics in a Shaly Sandstone. Petrophysics,60(2), 240-254. 

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