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  • November 3-6, San Antonio, Texas. AAPS PharmSci360 2019. Booth #2731. Presentation on 3D Drug Micro-imaging on Tuesday, Nov 5 at 10 AM.
  • November 10-15, Orlando, Florida. AIChE Annual Meeting. Booth #125.

  • 2020
  • August 2-6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2020. Booth #1321.

  • Recent Publications
  • Zhu, L., Yin, D., Qin, Y., Konda, S., Zhang, S., Zhu, A., . . . Lin, H. (2019). Sorption‐Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes with Facilitated Hydrogen Transport for Hydrogen Purification and CO2 Capture. Advanced Functional Materials. Read abstract. Request manuscript.
  • Howard, J., Lin, S., & Zhang, S. (2019). Uncertainty Quantification in Image Segmentation for Image-Based Rock Physics in a Shaly Sandstone. Petrophysics, 60(2), 240-254. Read abstract. Request paper.
  • Zhang, S., Byrnes, A. P., Jankovic, J., & Neilly, J. (2019). Management, Analysis, and Simulation of Micrographs with Cloud Computing. Microscopy Today, 27(2), 26-33. Read here.
  • Jankovic, J., Zhang, S., Putz, A., Saha, M. S., & Susac, D. (2019). Multiscale imaging and transport modeling for fuel cell electrodes. Journal of Materials Research, 34(4), 579-591. Read abstract.
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