DigiM I2S Software

DigiM I2S Software

DigiM I2S Software

Managing the COMPLETE life cycle of your images, with AI and computational physics. Contact us for a trial and workflow design consultation.


Accessible from anywhere, by anybody, at anytime, using any device
No licensing, upgrades, or compatibility hassle
Search and log
Flexible cost structure
Hassle-free warrantee and support


Artificial intelligence image segmentation
Internet speed awareness
Data size awareness
Data life cycle awareness
No hardware or software requirements for the user


Thorough validation
Transparent computing & storage hardware
On-demand load balancing

Primary Features

Data Management
  • Image stack, raw, RLE label
  • Build-in project management
  • Data life cycle management
  • Data archiving
  • Data security
  • Searchable database
Browser Visualization
  • Standardized auto-preview
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Interactive plotting
  • PPT slides preview
  • Movie preview
Image Processing
  • Artificial intelligence based image segmentation
  • Automatic and multi-thresholding
  • Image pre and post-processing
Image-Based Property Simulation